From high atop his basement apartment somewhere in Brooklyn, it's CHARLES GOONAN'S EJACULATION!
A new show for social research, with a few naughty words thrown in for good measure. Brought to you by the Billy Rubin Laxative, The Juice to set you Loose.

CHARLES GOONAN'S EJACULATION Episode 1 (1 hour 128k/57M hi-quality)
CHARLES GOONAN'S EJACULATION Episode 1 (1 hour 24k/11M lo-quality)
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Goonan offers scientific evidence to prove what the 2 most offensive words are, has a lesson in feminine hygiene, interviews and debates the Prince of Saudi Arabia about the Middle Eastern Crisis, and begins a grass roots campaign to change the world for the better. He also farts. (honest!)


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